Man Utd 2 – Portsmouth 0

February 1, 2008

No time for a lengthy post because I’ve got an indoor game tonight (plus the season 4 premier of Lost), so I’ll just say that the boys in red are at the top of the league again, exactly where they should be. Arsenal is tied, but thats as far as they are going to get. Chelsea is making me nervous, but fuck em, they can’t get ahead.

If you doubt that United will get the job done, check out this video of my man Ronaldo scoring his most recent 2 at Old Trafford. Textbook penalty kick. Beautiful.


Weekend Wrap-up Week 23

January 22, 2008

At the end of week 23, Manchester United managed to hold onto the top spot in the Premier League over 2nd ranked Arsenal! With both the Red Devils and the Gunners holding 54 league points, last week’s United’s 6-0 stomping over a pre-Keegan Newcastle proved to make all the difference in the world with only a 5 point goal differential difference between the top two contenders. I’d hate to see what kind of offensive gesture Sir Alex would have made had Ronaldo not made that 90th minute goal. (Edit: It seems the FA decided that Reading fans were calling wolf.)


In non-United news…

  • Chelsea took a late 1-0 lead over 16th ranked Birmingham despite the fact that they squeaked by without playing at Premier League level
  • Blackburn and Middlesbrough both showed up and got suited up before showing 21,687 supporters of both sides that you really can eat a whole tin of Tums during a 1-1 drawn match
  • Benjamin Mwaruwari struck his second hat trick of the season for Portsmouth in a 3-1 victory against relegation-bound Derby
  • Irish striker Robbie Keane scored his 100th goal for Tottenham, sealing the deal in a 2-0 victory over Sunderland
  • Kevin Keegan took over the helm for Newcastle to the tune of a nil-nil draw versus Bolton in a middle of the road match between two middle of the road sides
  • Everton’s 2-1 win over Wigan brought them up to 4th place in the BPL standings, though 5th ranked Liverpool does have a game in hand
  • Man City and West Ham faced off for the second time this week, resulting in a 1-1 draw that was surely more pleasing to Manager Alan Curbishley after West Ham’s defeat in Wednesday’s FA Cup match
  • In another example of how important goal-differential can be, Liverpool (40 pts, 21 GD) moves up to 5th position over Aston Villa (40 pts, 12 GD) as the result of a 2-2 draw.

All in all, it was a beautiful weekend to be a Yank in love with the beautiful game. Unless you were a Derby fan, but what’s new?