Munich Applause?


What the holy fuck? Man City’s Supporter’s Club has asked United to replace their intended minute’s silence in honor of the 23 lives lost in the 1958 Munich air disaster with a moment of applause? Is this really something somebody over at City put pen to paper and wrote down and though “yeah, this is a great idea!”? They can’t really be publicly saying that they don’t feel that they will be able to resist singing songs to deliberately slander the dead while the stadium is quiet?

Can they?

In the words of City’s supporter club spokesman Kevin Parker:

    “If Manchester United played Liverpool on the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, I’m sure that they wouldn’t hold a minute’s silence.

I’m sure they would now consider holding a minute’s applause instead. It’s the reality of the situation. We can’t be wrong for asking Manchester United to consider this.”

As far as United marring a respectful moment for those lost at Hillsborough Stadium in a hypothetical pairing, Fergie spoke up earlier in the week to the effect that:

‘From a United standpoint, whatever rivalry there might have been in the past clearly no longer exists’.

Doesn’t sound like there’s enough animosity there to drive something like what City says they won’t possibly be able to resist, does there?


Wow. Can’t be wrong huh?


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