My name is Skip, and I’m a football-holic.

Normally this isn’t a cardinal sin, except I live in the one country in the world where, to the vast majority of my countrymen, the word football conjures up images of large steroid infused men in helmets, pads, and all manner of protective gear throwing a ball shaped like a pinched loaf to each other in very short intervals, making sure to take proper breaks for ass-grabbery and doing all sorts of ADD manipulation with the time clock.

But I digress. It’s not easy being a fan of Premier League football in the States. Even the fact that I happen to be a fan of the greatest club in the world doesn’t make it any less frustrating when I have to watch games that air at 7 am on a Sunday or else avoid all things internet-enabled unless I want my home page to throw spoilers in my face in an attempt to be helpful.

Which brings me to United Yank. Welcome to my little soapbox. Expect Man United and Premier League news, a dissection and discussion of the sport from an American fan’s perspective and a healthy dollop of debate.

Whether you are just curious about soccer or a longtime football fan, a Yank or a fog-breather, a United supporter or a fan of one of those other clubs, I encourage you to add your two cents (.01 pounds?).

If I make even one person a fan of the beautiful game, thats one less empty seat at the pub on match day.

-Skip Jenkins


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